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michael pohl has posted 75 comments.

2:32am october 20, 2009 (re: nicki's visit/jude's baptism 26):

Whoa, she's almost smiling!

2:27am october 20, 2009 (re: August 19 2009 017):

That was actually a chip to within a couple inches of the cup!

12:30pm september 11, 2009 (re: IMG 4495):

This is Morgan's mom's house. Guess I need to work on captions and stuff.

3:15am august 11, 2008 (re: deck/porch renovation 7):

Cool! Those balusters look familiar.

2:38pm august 5, 2008 (re: IMG 0666.JPG):

Those "The Villages" signs are new, aren't they?

3:36pm july 6, 2008 (re: 7-5-fireworks3):


1:47pm march 4, 2008 (re: spinybacked orbweaver):

Thanks! Looks like this is the Florida species.

6:12pm february 12, 2008 (re: stella's birthday 6):

Wow, she is kicking it old school.

Happy birthday Stella!

3:00pm october 4, 2007 (re: baseball3):


4:15pm february 17, 2007 (re: mom and dad's visit 12):

How many candles are on that thing? Looks like Chernobyl.

12:22am january 19, 2007 (re: baby shower 3):

The boy side looks bigger.

9:30pm december 27, 2006 (re: kitties):

Our cats wouldn't go through their door either. We had to rip it off.

8:18pm december 6, 2006 (re: soddy daisy thanksgiving 15):

one "s"

1:05am november 20, 2006 (re: 100 4837.JPG):

hamburger cookie

1:40pm september 7, 2006 (re: 100 4666.JPG):

33% correct -- F

1:38pm september 7, 2006 (re: 100 4639.JPG):

That's a pretty cool picture.

12:21am may 22, 2006 (re: St Patrick's Day Parade 2006 015):


2:54pm march 20, 2006 (re: St Patrick's Day Parade 2006 004):

Too bad they can't get more folks to show up for these things.

2:54pm march 20, 2006 (re: St Patrick's Day Parade 2006 001):

Words fail me.

2:53pm march 20, 2006 (re: 12cake):

That's pitiful. Poor kid.

1:57pm january 9, 2006 (re: TN Pohlsl visit Jan 2006 077):

Looks crowded.

5:24pm december 20, 2005 (re: shane):

How do I unsee this?

5:23pm december 20, 2005 (re: exrafall):

How many times did you have to push him over before you got this shot?

1:53pm december 19, 2005 (re: christmas card):

What's wrong with this one? I like how the cats are staring each other down.

1:52pm december 19, 2005 (re: bathroom 16):

Just kidding. Looks awesome! So is the bathroom closet gone now?

1:51pm december 19, 2005 (re: bathroom 16):

I liked the old bathrooom better.

1:56pm november 27, 2005 (re: Art Show 004):

You are kidding me.

4:18pm august 26, 2005 (re: shane's birthday):

Is the whole thing in flames? Is that why Shane has water, milk, and a Coke?

9:02pm july 3, 2005 (re: what Ezra sees -- Kevin loving on him):

Tremendous sequence of photos.

9:01pm july 3, 2005 (re: P1090687 - blinx nap):

Bruce, did Dad pass his haircutting secrets down to you?

2:23pm may 13, 2005 (re: ring of kerry 2):

That's what I get for making these captions two years after the fact. Corrected. Thanks!

3:00pm march 23, 2005 (re: Ezra and Marisa Pix 018):

Our baby can beat up your baby.

4:59pm march 16, 2005 (re: dancing at the square 3):

Oops. I keep getting them mixed up. Corrected.

5:02am february 5, 2005 (re: New curtains 03A):

Those are some phat tires. Now you need some hydraulics and neon trim.

5:49pm january 18, 2005 (re: Waydon):

Whoa. It's mini-James.

3:53am december 31, 2004 (re: Christmas Presents 008):


4:16pm december 21, 2004 (re: graduation):

Get a haircut hippie.

3:56pm december 16, 2004 (re: santa 3):

She took it pretty seriously. She still hasn't told us what she and Santa talked about. She says, "It's a surprise." I asked her what would happen if we got her the same presents Santa did, since she wasn't telling us what she asked Santa for, but she dismissed that idea as absurd.

Also, she had to go to the bathroom pretty bad. I should have gotten some pictures of her doing her River Dance in the queue.

6:36pm august 30, 2004 (re: shane's birthday):

He must be getting old, he's got an undershirt on for his birthday this year.

6:47pm july 1, 2004 (re: 100 0924A):

As opposed to before, when it was just bars?

1:23pm june 28, 2004 (re: Cats 001):

I like this picture. Nice composition.

12:49pm june 3, 2004 (re: big crowd):


3:39pm january 28, 2004 (re: Sports Deck 003.JPG):

Which one is Mom?

2:35am january 28, 2004 (re: St Maaten Pier.JPG):

Small world.

1:09am december 8, 2003 (re: thanksgiving in gulfport 6):


9:51pm august 18, 2003 (re: villages trip 2):

Dad, what happened to all your hair?

12:24pm july 12, 2003 (re: silver run falls 26):

Kahler just saw this picture and said, "Funny Shane! Silly Shane!"

12:45pm july 9, 2003 (re: clemson trip 1):


1:58am may 2, 2003 (re: botanical gardens 11):

That little curly blob in the middle of the picture is the caterpillar floating in the pond. Apparently it was on those leaves and then lost its grip and started floating away. Morgan rescued it before it was eaten by a fish.

2:22pm april 8, 2003 (re: bye grandpa):

I think she's sad because she's running out of French toast.

6:14pm april 2, 2003 (re: back yard groundhog):

I checked some web sites just now, and whatever it is, it looks a lot more like this than this. Hedgehogs look giant-rat-like, like possums. Yech. The thing in our backyard looks kind of aquatic, like a beaver without a flappy tail. When it runs away it seems to run towards the lake.

1:38pm january 28, 2003 (re: image010):

My fault. I recently added code that extracts the exposure date and camera name from the image file. It looks like if it can't find an exposure date then it defaults to 12/31/69. I'll fix it.

1:29pm january 28, 2003 (re: image044):

Kahler was just doing this with my pajama pants. She said it was her "nightcap."

2:58pm january 15, 2003 (re: 014 Rotterdam - Ruth on Half Moon Cay 1):

This looks familiar....

2:25am november 22, 2002 (re: find the chipmunk):

It's pretty much dead center, but it is camoulaged well. Check the big version.

9:13pm september 27, 2002 (re: Mira Mesa Golf Course Sunset 9 23 02.JPG):

Think I'll get you a tripod for Christmas.

11:28pm may 1, 2002 (re: frenchy salutes hugh):

Hugh is the chair of the English department at TWU. He is going to do some work at a university in Saudi Arabia this month. Frenchy is a crazy guy in Denton who runs a huge lawn service and has orange trucks all over town.

2:30pm april 22, 2002 (re: wheelbarrow girl 3):

I think it has some magical Teflon coating. The dirt slides right off.

2:22pm february 21, 2002 (re: Hungry Maggie.JPG):

Who's writing these comments, Yogi Berra?

3:39am january 6, 2002 (re: 4115):

I had the aperture cranked open for the nighttime pictures at the farmhouse, and forgot to readjust it. Nice, eh?

6:23pm october 22, 2001 (re: 3411):

Nice composition Dad

2:27pm july 24, 2001 (re: 2513):

He was just trotting around with it. Anything that Kahler has, he has to have too (and vice versa).

6:43pm may 15, 2001 (re: 2095):

When a couple baby blue jays fell to the ground, the parent blue jays swooped at Rudolph when he went to sniff them, and at Morgan when she put one back in a tree, and at a couple cats that wandered by. They are pretty agressive. As for squirrels, when the babies were nesting, if a squirrel came anywhere close to the nest, the parent blue jays would dive bomb it and make that bird-of-prey screech until it ran away.

3:20pm april 21, 2001 (re: 2052):

I'd be pretty scared if I saw this gang coming at me in a dark alley. They should be in "The Warriors 2."

10:56pm april 20, 2001 (re: 2043):

The bird cage looks great! I'll bet Arlo is digging it. Mom, you look pretty comfortable there too.

2:08am april 7, 2001 (re: 1972):


12:30am april 2, 2001 (re: 1946):

Just say, "Gramma-size it!"

2:43pm march 26, 2001 (re: 1923):

Keen eye.

2:35pm february 8, 2001 (re: 1553):

Seems like Mr. No Flashes could have gotten Bruce and Jessica to swap places.

2:30pm february 8, 2001 (re: 1574):


8:59pm january 26, 2001 (re: 1498):

Then you better stuff her back into that box so you can take another picture.

3:01am january 13, 2001 (re: 1418):

You hacker.

2:41am january 10, 2001 (re: 1400):

Mom always looks so happy to have her picture taken.

4:21pm january 7, 2001 (re: 1350):

Click on "How do I download an image to my computer?" over there to the right.

9:47pm august 25, 2000 (re: freezer2):

Dave, this rocks. You got any more "Americana" pix?

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